• At BOREAL place the client’s interest at the center of everything we do, striving for providing unbiased advice exempt from conflicts of interest that may arise in the financial industry
  • BOREAL applies a code of strict professional conduct in its dealings with customers, thereby guaranteeing absolute customer confidentiality
  • The wealth manager is responsible for designing the unique combination of services and solutions that best meets the customer profile
  • Our customers have access to an extensive team of professionals that will be able to provide them with all the support and advice they need in all the different fields affecting their wealth

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur

Red Adair

Professional Advice
Alignment of Interests

Our mission is to offer a risk-based investment approach to individuals and families across multiple custodian banks and jurisdictions. We strive to offer an independent platform with the only objective to minimizing risk, preserving capital achieving consistency in the rate

We help you to choose amongst a wide range of trusted custodian banks the one that best suits your client needs. We also assist you throughout the cumbersome process of opening an account and transfering assets
BOREAL advices on the combination of wealth structuring solutions that best meet the customer profile following a stable and open dialogue carried out on a strictly confidential basis
By giving us a Limited Power of Attorney we can handle on your behalf a wide range of financial and banking affairs (payment instructions, securities orders, credit cards, foreging exchange, lombard loans, etc.) directly with the custodian bank
BOREAL provides trustworthy advice based on a risk- based investment approach and access to a wide range of investment opportunities so that investors can make comfortable decisions to protect hard earned capital in order to achieve wealth appreciation
Monitoring &
BOREAL will monitor your portfolio seeking to identify risks, and propose actions to preserve capital and avoid the erosion of wealth at all times. BOREAL has state of the art consolidated
reporting systems which allow you to monitor
complex structures