We promote sustainable transformation

The MoraBanc Group sees sustainability as a responsibility that goes beyond corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental policies.

To rise to the challenges of the future, the MoraBanc Group has designed a strategy that encompasses environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects that will enable us to keep growing in line with the expectations of our country and our stakeholders.

This is a cross-cutting plan that comes from the highest level of our Group. Our vision is to streamline a sustainable transformation of the economy, society, and the environment, as well as to put a leading model in place.

Portfolios managed using ESG standards

In the portfolios we manage we seek to:

  • Obtain attractive returns from traditional investment markets, with special conditions for fund classes and fees.
  • Meet ESG sustainability standards in the investments made.
  • Access an open, independent architecture that cover portfolios that hold assets of the main international management companies.

Boreal Capital Management has three portfolios in euros that are diversified and liquid, with three investment profiles (conservative, growth and aggressive), with an open, independent architecture that handles third-party funds.

Portfolio advice using ESG standards

We are convinced that businesses that operate sustainably and responsibly are better prepared to rise to future challenges, whilst being better placed to have a sustained impact and value in the long-term for our investors and society in general.

Adopting ESG standards in our investment strategy not only seeks to obtain solid financial returns, but also to have a positive impact on society and on the environment in which investments are made.

According to the KROLL 2023 report on ESG:

The study shows that businesses with better ESG ratings in general performed better than those with lower ratings in the 2103-2021 period